About us

We warmly welcome you and are glad that you have found us.

We are WHITECAPS PRODUCTS - and that's our story. Our passion is the sea and the associated lifestyle. Our heart beats for water sports, so we are convinced that safety at the water is the basis for really carefree fun.
From our own experience, we know very well that it is always better to play it safe to be able to enjoy the longest in the most beautiful places in the world. WHITECAPS PRODUCTS is therefore committed to the topic of safety around water sports. We offer you a selection of premium products from all over the world to minimize risks and to let you enjoy your time on and on the water.

If you have any questions about our products or need our water safety support, feel free to email us at support@whitecapsproducts.com. We will answer you quickly and personally!

We love to back you up!