The Water Sports Safety Tool

Your new safety upgrade for water sports

Whitecaps Products stands for more safety in and around the water. With our new offer of water sports insurance from the VDWS (Verband Deutscher Wassersport Schulen e.V.) "Safety Tool" and "Safety Tool +", we consistently continue our safety-first mission. The VDWS Safety Tool is probably the most widespread safety package for water sports enthusiasts on the market, with around 15,000 people currently insured each year.

The VDWS Safety Tool is probably the most popular insurance for windsurfers and water sports enthusiasts in general. The VDWS came up with the Safety Tool concept in close cooperation with the insurance experts of the Südwest Ring, is the first contact address and takes care of the handling of the Safety Tool.

Behind this are of course renowned insurance companies like AXA or Allianz in our current case.

What does the tool cover?

Rented material is covered. So if you rent equipment at a station while on vacation and damage it, you will be reimbursed by the insurance company. Almost everyone has a normal liability insurance.

Doesn't this also apply?

Indeed, many water sports enthusiasts think that a normal liability insurance covers such damages. But liability is not comprehensive cover! If there is also personal injury, the case looks quite different.

Does the tool also cover damage to your own equipment?

With the "Safety-Tool-Plus" damage to your own material will be covered, for example if you break your bow on a new board or break a mast in the surf or if the kite hits the water and the cloth tears. At the same time the "Safety-Tool +" is also a family insurance. Partners and children up to the age of 18 are automatically covered, no matter if they surf, kite, sail, kayak, SUP or snowkite. Only competitions are excluded!

In case of damage there is a small deductible, for rental equipment this is 50 Euro for all water sports equipment, 100 Euro for boats.

What do the two tools cost?

"Safety-Tool" is available for 39 Euro per year, "Safety-Tool +" costs 99 Euro per year and can be purchased in combination with "Safety-Tool". So for the equivalent of 11.50 EUR per month you, your family and your equipment are completely covered. The only important thing is that you take out your "Safety-Tool" cover at least two weeks before the start of your trip. Those who need it spontaneously can also explicitly waive their right of withdrawal when taking out the Safety Tool and are then immediately on the safe side.

Further information and conclusion

For further information, please read the insurance conditions. They are not complicated and easy to understand. You can download them here. If you have questions about "Safety-Tool", you can also contact our customer support.

Insurance information SafetyTool


Insurance information SafetyTool+


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