Water sports helmets

Water sports helmets are essential safety equipment designed to ensure your personal safety during various water activities. These helmets are specifically designed to protect your head and brain from the potential risks associated with water sports, including wakeboarding, windsurfing, water skiing, kayaking, kiteboarding, and many more. Read more

Often, many water sports enthusiasts overlook the need to wear a helmet under the false assumption that water acts as a soft cushion during falls. This common misconception can lead to serious injury, as water can actually be a hard surface at high speeds. The fact is that the speeds athletes reach on the water can cause the water surface to act "hard as concrete" during a fall. This is due to the molecular structure of the water, the inertia of the mass and the speed achieved.

The head and ears in particular are at extreme risk during falls in water sports. A properly fitted water sports helmet can significantly reduce the impact of an impact while protecting ears from water pressure and potential injury. Therefore, our urgent recommendation: Prioritize your safety and invest in a high-quality helmet for water sports!

Our online store offers an extensive selection of top-notch water sports helmets that combine cutting-edge design with outstanding functionality. You'll find a variety of models, including wakeboard helmets, kite helmets, surf helmets and sailing helmets, offered in a range of trendy colors and at fair prices. Each helmet in our range is designed for comfort and fit to ensure the highest level of safety without sacrificing style.

In addition to safety, our helmets ensure you stand out from the crowd on the water with their appealing designs and eye-catching colors. Safety doesn't have to be boring - with our helmets for water sports, you'll always be stylish and cool, no matter what your activity.

In conclusion, buying a water sports helmet is a far-sighted investment in your safety and comfort. With us you will find the perfect helmet to suit your needs and style. Prioritize your safety, invest in a quality water sports helmet and enjoy your favorite sport with full confidence and style!

Check out our FAQ list on the topic of water sports safety helmets for more valuable answers to your water safety helmet questions. Link to FAQ page | Read less

Jobe Base Helmet Hearing Harness Caps

Protect your ears with the Earpads from Jobe!

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GATH visor size S smoke for RV retractable helmet
GATH visor size S smoke for retractable visor helmet
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FAQs about our watersports helmets

How do I find the right size for my watersports helmet?

Measure the circumference of your head at the widest point above your eyebrows to determine the correct size for your watersports helmet.

Should I wear a helmet while wakeboarding?

Yes, a wakeboard helmet is highly recommended when wakeboarding. It will protect your head from possible injuries.

Should I wear a helmet when kitesurfing?

Yes, a kite helmet is also essential for kitesurfing. It protects you from injuries caused by falls or from the kite itself.

Should I wear a helmet when wakeskating?

When wakeskating, falls can occur, so wearing a helmet for water sports is equally very important here.

How should a water sports helmet fit?

A water sports helmet should fit tightly and securely on the head without pinching. It should cover the entire head and not allow any movement or rotation. Make sure that the helmet is not too loose, otherwise it could slip off in the water and lose its protection.

Do I need earflaps for my watersports helmet?

Earflaps can provide additional protection for your ears, especially during activities like windsurfing or sailing where strong winds may be present. However, they are not essential and depend on your personal preferences and needs.