Whitecaps Effective

Whitecaps Effective


The love for water and the sea is in our DNA.We are convinced that our work as a company is only meaningful and sustainable if we are committed to preserving what makes a happy life possible for all of us and at the same time provides the basis for our actions.

Whitecaps Effective"-Environmental"- Protection Program

  • Safety First & Save The Oceans" is an initiative of Whitecaps Products.For every purchase we make, we donate a certain amount of money to an organisation we have chosen, which is committed to protecting the environment and in particular the seas, lakes, rivers and beaches. Learn more


  • Whitecaps “Elite Customer Program“ (EKP). We reward sustainable and forward-looking actions and purchases by our customers. Experience more


  • “Sustainability Return Shipments“ (SRS). Sustainability contribution by our customers in the case of returns.We charge a 5 EUR environmental contribution for each order item that our customers return (exchange returns and complaints are excluded from this  With this we would like to motivate our customers to make their shopping with us more sustainable and foresighted. Returns cause enormous ecological and economic damage every year. Every package that is returned generates three times more CO2 emissions and costs an enormous amount of resources. By avoiding returns, you make a great contribution to environmental protection. Experience more>/li>



The first organization we support is the WaterRanger e.V.. The association is committed to the protection, preservation and continuance of the resource water. Have a look around on their website and learn more about it. 




We start with the organization WaterRanger e.V..More projects are on the way and will be available for you to choose from soon. As soon as we have established these partnerships, we will give you the opportunity to choose from these projects while shopping.

*Can I get tax deductions for the amounts transferred to organizations through my purchases? I'm afraid I can't do that.The financial support to the respective organizations is made by us – Whitecaps Products – and is not tax deductible for you. We donate a certain amount of our income as mentioned above and therefore do not take any donations or anything else.